Denmark Questions Woman in Alleged Russia Espionage Case

June 12, 2024
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Danish authorities are embroiled in a potential case of Denmark Russia Espionage after detaining and questioning a Russian woman suspected of aiding a foreign intelligence agency within the country. The woman, yet to be identified, faces preliminary charges including propaganda activities. Danish Security Service (PET) declined to comment on her release but stated the case is unrelated to recent European Parliament elections.

Source: The Free Press


This incident highlights ongoing concerns about Russian intelligence activities in Europe. Denmark, like other European nations, is wary of potential attempts to influence public opinion, gather information, or undermine support for Ukraine. The woman’s alleged connection to a Moscow-based state fund, the Russian Foundation, further raises suspicions.



iCognitive, a technology that analyzes brainwaves to detect hidden knowledge, could be a valuable tool in such espionage cases:

iCognative’s ability to potentially reveal hidden knowledge and connections could be an asset for Danish authorities in navigating this complex situation.

Source: Brainwave Science