Proactive approach in fighting fraud

iCognative™ technology is a highly accurate tool that can identify false documents or intentional misrepresentations and those guilty of them. This technology can be used against the most common frauds in banking and finance today, such as money laundering, identity theft, and investment scams. It helps financial institutions fully comply with KYC rules and regulations and reduce their risk of implications in fraud.

Brainwave Science

Efficient tool even against sophisticated and difficult to detect frauds

Protect your company and your customers

One of the most significant impacts of banking fraud is the financial loss it can cause for both the bank and its customers. Criminals can steal large sums of money, leaving victims with empty bank accounts and a significant amount of debt. Additionally, banking fraud can also cause significant reputational damage for financial institutions, which can lead to a loss of customer trust and business a proactive approach to combat. By utilizing advanced technology like iCognative™, financial institutions can better protect their customers’ interests, reduce their risk of fraud, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. This will ultimately help to create a safer and more secure financial system for all.

iCognative™ can be used in:

  • fraudulent and improper accounting
  • misrepresentations, accounting and financial reporting fraud
  • regulatory violations
  • fraud in go-public transactions
  • violations of the foreign corrupt practices act
  • misappropriation of funds, ponzi & pyramid schemes
  • market manipulation and trading violations
  • dark pools
  • insider trading
  • data breach and cybersecurity fraud
  • cryptocurrency fraud
  • money laundering, and other financial institution fraud
  • fraud against government entities or involving government programs
iCognative headset