2024 USA Cyberattacks Overview: Unveiling the Scale and Impact

May 28, 2024


In 2024, the United States faced an alarming surge in cyberattacks, with over 5 billion records breached across various sectors, making it a year defined by unprecedented levels of 2024 USA cyberattacks. Notable incidents included a massive breach in Discord via Spy.pet, resulting in over 4 billion compromised records in April, and significant breaches in telecom and professional services sectors earlier in the year.

Source: IT Governance USA


The 2024 USA cyberattacks cyberattacks targeted a diverse range of sectors, from IT services and software to finance and insurance. These breaches exposed vast amounts of sensitive data and highlighted systemic vulnerabilities across these industries. For example, the breach via Spy.pet in April was one of the largest, affecting millions of Discord users’ private data. Similarly, Zenlayer and Pure Incubation Ventures saw hundreds of millions of records breached, emphasizing the pervasive threat landscape.



Brainwave Science’s iCognative technology uses sophisticated brainwave analysis to detect the presence of specific knowledge related to cyber threats and breaches. This non-invasive technology measures brain responses, known as P300 waves, when subjects are exposed to stimuli related to the breach. Here’s how iCognative could effectively apply to the 2024 cyberattacks:

In conclusion, integrating iCognative in cybersecurity investigations can lead to more precise identification of culprits and a better understanding of breach dynamics, ultimately strengthening security against the increasing wave of cyber threats.

Source: Brainwave Science