2024 Norway Threat Assessment Highlights

April 23, 2024


Norway’s Ministry of Justice and Public Security has announced the 2024 Norway Threat Assessment, revealing significant escalations in terrorist threats against Europe, especially from militant Islamists. This announcement details how recent geopolitical conflicts and specific incidents regarded as violations of Islam have amplified these threats, while right-wing extremism remains unaffected by global events.

Source: Ministry of Justice and Public Security


The 2024 Norway Threat Assessment explains that IS and similar Islamist groups are increasingly active, attempting multiple attacks in Europe. Events such as the Israel-Hamas conflict have heightened the complexity of the security landscape. The minimal impact of international conflicts on Norway’s right-wing extremists highlights fundamentally different motivations driving these groups.



The iCognative technology works by inputting confidential information in the technology and showing it to the suspects. It analyzes the brainwaves and detects whether this information is present in the suspect’s brain or not. In the terrorism challenge the iCognative will help for:

This update from Norway’s Ministry of Justice and Public Security is a critical component of the 2024 Norway Threat Assessment, highlighting the evolving dynamics of terrorism and the essential role of advanced technologies like iCognative in addressing these challenges.

Source: Brainwave Science