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A groundbreaking technology that empowers law enforcement, combats terrorism, safeguards borders, and puts criminals behind bars.

Is Real, and Really Works

Brain Fingerprinting  technology is proven and patented. With an accuracy rate of 99%+, it is truly a revolutionary technology.

Admissible in Court

Unlike the polygraph, voice stress analysis and fMRI testing, Brain Fingerprinting has been ruled admissible as scientific evidence in court.

Effortless to Implement and Use

The system’s hardware and software has been built in an intuitive way to ensure ease of use.

Offers Instantaneous Results

Brain Fingerprinting offers immediate results, which saves on time and investigation costs.



Increased Homeland Security

Brain Fingerprinting Technology's specialized counter terrorism technology is able to determine if a potential suspect has any knowledge of terrorism including associations, bomb-making expertise or any form of terrorist training.

Decrease Law Enforcement Costs

Brain Fingerprinting revolutionize law enforcement investigations. The technology allows for an accurate assessment of whether or not a suspect has knowledge of a crime, which saves on time and money.

Safe and Noninvasive

Brain Fingerprinting is safe and noninvasive. It simply measures changes in brainwaves to determine if information is present or absent.

99%+ Accuracy

Brain Fingerprinting has proven over 99% accurate, with less than 1% margin of error.

Brainwave Science

Brain Fingerprinting scientifically detects whether specific information is stored in the brain - or not - by measuring brainwaves.

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