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Mike Wallace

CBS 60 Minutes

“A revolutionary new technology called Brain Fingerprinting that has caught the interest of both the CIA and the FBI.”

Robert D. Dawson

Macon County Sheriff, U.S.A

“The Macon County Sheriff’s Department contacted Dr. Lawrence Farwell in August, 1999 to request a Brain Fingerprinting test on murder suspect James B. Grinder. Dr. Farwell conducted the test on Grinder on August 5, 1999. The Brain Fingerprinting test showed that the record in Grinder’s brain matched the known details of the murder of Julie Helton, a crime that had remain unsolved for fifteen years.

The evidence provided by Dr. Farwell’s Brain Fingerprinting test on Grinder was instrumental in obtaining a confession and a guilty plea from Grinder, who was then sentenced to life in prison without parole.”

TIME 100

The Next Wave

“The top Innovators who may be "the Picassos’ or Einsteins’ of the 21st Century."

Charles Gibson

ABC News

“I guess you could call it a new kind of lie detector test, but it's far more sophisticated than that and it uses brainwaves instead of physical cues like pulse and breathing rate. And it's now become admissible in some courts in the country. It really is as I said absolutely revolutionary technology.”

Detective Sen-Sgt Ron Iddles

Homicide Squad, Melbourne, Australia

“Brain Fingerprinting has value as an investigative tool. Its primary role would be for use in eliminating suspects and allowing investigators to concentrate their efforts where they were most needed. It is regarded more reliable than lie-detector testing and would allow the innocent an avenue with which to clear themselves from suspicion. You’d know exactly where your resources have got to go.”

The New York Times

“Truth and justice, by the blip of a brainwave.”


Dr Adel Al Eid

Former Brig. Gen at National Information in Ministry of Interior, Saudi Arabia

“Brain fingerprinting empowers investigators to accurately measure information hidden in a suspect’s brain, leading accurately to the terrorists who schemed, contributed or carried out any act of terrorism or a criminal offence even before it happens. This technique enables counter terrorism officials to scientifically test suspected terrorists and to indict or exonerate them based on the information stored in their brains, even if a suspect has participated in a sleeper cell.”

Discovery Channel

“As a high-tech method of detecting major crime and terrorist deception, the Brain Fingerprint is full proof.”

Senior Senator Charles Grassley


"If we are interested in making sure that the innocent go free, and that the guilty are punished, any technological instrument that can help us make a determination of guilt or innocence, we ought to know about it."

Dr. Drew Richardson

Former Chief of the Chem-Bio-Nuclear Counterterrorism Unit and Forensic Toxicologist, FBI

“So for all of these reasons--accuracy, applicability, the presence of serious scientific underpinnings--I believe that Brain Fingerprinting is ready for utilization in the law enforcement and the Intelligence community world.”

Fox News

“Brain Fingerprinting is a revolutionary technology, which may be in the near future may become a potent weapon in the war against terror.”



“Brain Fingerprinting will bring new meaning to the phrase, 'beyond a reasonable doubt.’”

Sam Simon

Law Enforcement Technology Journal

“Unlike a fingerprint or DNA sample, a criminal’s brain is always at the scene, planning, executing and recording the crime. Because of this, the technology has the potential to be applicable in an overwhelming number of cases. Now when an officer presents a pile of photos to a suspect, he’ll get just the response he is looking for.”

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